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Monday, February 21, 2005

$35 a week computer

I am surprised this is even legal... Have you seen the late night commercials advertising the computer system that anyone can qualify for credit to get? They show a variety of clean cut people representing every ethnic background saying “I got mine!” with a real excited look on their face. For $35 a week for 12 months, you can get yours too! If you can’t afford a computer, don’t worry, we will give you the credit you deserve. What kind of an iniard would pay $1820 for a computer system? What kind of a company would think that people that could otherwise not afford a $399 dell computer, would be able to over the next 12 months pay $1820 for a computer system? Even the shopping channels that try to sell the $1500 computer systems at least give you a camera and other stuff. These $35 a week people sink to an even lower level.


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