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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dannon Yogurt - shame on you.

Last year, Dannon yogurt joined the ranks of many companies that decided to start gouging consumers through drastic price hikes in order to boost company profits. They do not do it through raising prices, they do it through reducing packaging sizes.

They came out with a new yogurt cup that has extra room built into the container for you to add fruit, granola, or whatever you want! They went out of their way to design a new package just for your benefit. What they did, is they took a 8 oz yogurt cup with retail price of 79 cents, and switched it out with a 6 oz yogurt cup that costs the same. By doing this, they increased the price per ounce of yogurt by 33%, and then had the nerve to act they did it because their customers wanted more room in the cup for toppings.

If you compare the actual cup, there is now a false bottom, and there is a little bit more of an angle on the side of the container. Both of these do nothing more than create the illusion that you are getting about the same amount of yogurt as before.

If they really wanted to do people a favor by leaving room in the cup for customized toppings, then they could have put less yogurt in the old style cup and charged less for it.

Many people probably don’t even realize stuff like this, which is why I feel the need to point it out. I still buy it when it is on sale, which seems to be more frequently now that they get a pretty good profit margin, but it chaps my ass every time I think about it. Just about any time a company changes it’s packaging, pay close attention to how the price per unit ounce is affected.

By the way, if you call Dannon to complain about it, they claim that they do not dictate what the grocery stores charge, and that some grocers have lowered the price. (then they will give a couple of coupons.)


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