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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Down with Echeck!!

Yippee, it is truly exciting times as the Director of the Ohio EPA has recommended that the Echeck vehicle emmission program be discontinued after this year. Reserve your celebrations, however, because the State General Assembly needs to vote on his recommendation before it is official.
The Echeck program has been a waste of time and money since it started. The iniard politicians in Columbus decided that it was a good idea for the rest of the state to have to do this testing. (There has never been a requirement to do Echeck in Columbus). Last year, they decided that any car with the check engine light on would automatically fail the test. They must have financial interests in the Chrysler Service centers! My chysler has passed the emmissions test with flying colors years ago when the check engine light was on. Last year, I had to spend hundreds of dollars to get the check engine light problem fixed so I could "pass" the test. The problem I fixed had nothing to do with emmissions, and did not help the air quality at all.
I am glad to see it will be done away with, but I do have one question left... if it has already been decided that the test is no longer needed, why wait until the end of the year. They claim the state has a contract with the testing company, but even still, why make people do the test. Have the people who are supposed to be tested this year just pay the testing fee, without having to get the car tested. Although still a waste of money, it would not be a waste of time and would not make people waste hard earned money on needless repairs.


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