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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Less Sugar, More Hype

I am at the grocery store and I see all of the general mills cereals now have WHOLE GRAIN plastered across the front of the box. Wow, are they making them more healthy now? Does General Mills have genuine concern about the nutritional health of my children? Also, I see all of the new "REDUCED SUGAR - 75% LESS ADDED SUGAR". Wow, they are making the cereal with whole grain now and using less sugar.

The fact is, they have always been made with overprocessed whole grains, and their marketing department thought they could create the illusion that they are suddenly more "good for you" than they used to be. No different, just hype. And for the reduced sugar cereal, if there is 75% less sugar added, shouldn't there be fewer calories for the same serving size? Let's see... the calories are the same, the total carbs are the same, and the sugars are about the same. What? How could this be, with 75% less sugar? Well, they take the sugar out and substitute it with corn syrup solids. What are corn syrup solids? Corn syrup solids are sugars. They are not quite as sweet as sugar, but they are sugars. To make up for the sweetness, they put in some artificial sweetener, which may have it's own set of concerns. If you take out the sugar, and replace it with any of the -oses (fructose, glucose, sucrose, dextrose) or syrups, you are only changing what you call your sugars. Nutritionally, the reduced sugar cereals are not any better for your kids than the regular version.

The Iniards at General Mills are really blowing smoke out of their ass trying to capitalize on the new wave of people trying to be "a little less unhealthy" than before.


  • I thought I might add that I saw on a 60 minutes show, or something like that, that they are doing this because the gov't came out with this new food pyramid that calls for more whole grains. See the connection?????

    p.s. Still no counter

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