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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Parties for the ladies…

I have no problem with the ladies getting together on their own to have a get together for no apparent reason. I do however, have some problems with the companies that market through in home party demonstrations. As we speak, my wife is hosting a party for stampin up. She was a guest at a party a couple of weeks ago, and agreed to having a party at our house today.

The whole business model for these companies is very similar to a pyramid scheme type company like Amway. You find people that want to have a party, they get all their friends together, and they get discount and free merchandise depending on how much crap their friends buy. If you get someone else to have a party you get even more free stuff.

The reason why it is successful is because everyone who comes to your party feels obligated to buy at least something. The hosts spend a lot of money usually on stuff for themselves so that they get to the next bonus level of discounts and freebies. The host also usually spends a bit of money on food and drinks. In the end, everybody spends a lot of money as a result of the party.

I have no problem with spending money on a get together with friends. But, if you do not have to pad the profits of these in home marketing companies in order to have a party. If you want to have a part, just have a party. More people will come and enjoy themselves if they do not have to feel obligated to buy crap they really don’t want. If you wanted to have a hobby/craft party, have everyone bring their own stuff to share, and everyone can learn something new, make a new craft, without breaking the bank. As a host, you may not get anything free, but is it really free if consider that for hosting a party you get a $75 value gift (which you could get on ebay for $20) and you spend $50 on food in addition to whatever marked up merchandise you buy?
If you want to have party, but feel like you need to waste some money to do it, just send me a check!


  • Let me know what kind of heat this draws!!!

    By Blogger bschneider5, at 10:27 PM  

  • just to let you know that when i researched pyramid scheme's i found that a true pyramid is when you as the consultant of the company actually make money or commission off the person signing up. meaning you get $10 for each person that you sign up. all the home party shows that i know about do not do this... the consultant makes commission off of what the people under them make and do not make any money for just signing them up.
    i sell premier designs jewelry. it is hard to get people to have shows but they offer the best hostess rewards around!

    By Blogger Killired, at 11:41 PM  

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