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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

~No ablay espanyol~

I called my Chase credit card customer service line this morning (800.545.0464) and was greeted in Spanish. After the greeting, which I have know idea what it said, I was given the option (in english) to press "1" to continue in English. I have gotten quite used to hearing the spanish options on the automated customer service lines such as "par continuae en espanol, pressa numero quatro" enough to the point where I can guess on what the individual words are. This morning, however, the initial greeting was in spanish, as if I (the english speaking customer) was the secondary customer base to the spanish speaking world. Shouldn't a US bank servicing accounts in the US greet its customers with a message in English? I don't know, call me selfish, but I think I deserve to be greeted in English when calling my US based bank from the middle of the United States. Is Chase bank more concerned with sucking up to the spanish speaking crowd than they are their English speaking customer base? I wonder which iniard at Chase thought that was a good idea.


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