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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Splenda for one and for all

I heard on the news that Coca Cola is going to be doing some serious marketing around the launch of its new diet cola that will be sweetened with Splenda, the 8th wonder of the world as some people consider it. I have problems with the negative or unknown effects of many of the artificial sweeteners, and I also have some problems with the big cola companies in general. (look for future blog when I get time on the whole C2 marketing ploy)

My concern about Splenda is how many people I know are hooked into believing that it is good for you. They like the way it taste, and think it is a natural alternative to sugar. We all hear the ads running stating that "it's made from sugar, so it taste like sugar". You can just imagine some little farmer out melting sugar down in an old maple syrup shed to make the splenda out of sugar. Lets be natural and healthy and start eating splenda, right?

Splenda is actually a highly processed chemical compound that is made from sucralose, which is basically made by adding chlorine to molecules of sugar. So splenda is sort of made from sugar, but could have just as well been made from any other carbon chain molecule. Many chemical processes are used to convert the sucralose to splenda. Other chemicals produced as byproducts of these processes include mustard gas. Mustard gas... made from sugar so it taste like sugar? Not hardly.

Maybe this is why the makers of Splenda are being sued by the Sugar Council and Equal for their "sugar" claims. Once you change the molecular structure of sugar, it is no longer sugar, it is a chemical compound that your body reacts to completely different than sugar. The effects of these chemicals from long term use are not known. Also, with artificial sweeteners gaining in poplularity, it is not known how the different sweeteners on the market interact in your body on a short term or long term scale.

Beware of the all the hype you will be hearing from Coca Cola and splenda as they introduce the new diet coke to the market. Keep in mind that they are glamourizing a complex man made chemical and trying to pump it into your body without knowing how it will affect you after 5, 10, 20, or 30 years.

This is another example of corporate Iniards at work. As for me, I will stick to my policy of everything in moderation, and continue to enjoy regular old sugar whenever I can.

Read more about splenda here...


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