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Friday, March 11, 2005

tic tac tallywack, give the dog some carbs

Now that we are living in the low carb world, you see many companies coming out with new and improved low carb options for things we are used to eating. Well, the iniards at the Ferrero candy company, makers of tic tacs, chooses a different route. Instead overcoming the impossible feat of making the popular 99% sugar breath mint low carb, they are putting their chips on deceptive labeling. If you look at the nutritional information on the back of a pack of tic tacs, you will notice right away that there are no carbs!! How could the main ingredient be sugar, and there be no carbs? Well, the answer "lies" within the asterik by the zero. They have conveniently sized each tic tac to be 0.49 grams, of which it contains almost 0.49 grams of sugar. They have also conveniently made the serving size 1 mint. Since they are allowed to round to the nearest gram of carbs, they can say that a serving of tic tacs has 0 carbs*. I know this because I can read microprinting on the bottom of the nutritional information labels, but I am sure there are many people out there swelling up on their low carb lifestyle getting all excited about being able to eat tic tacs. Although there are 0* carbs in a serving, there are 36 servings, and 18g of carbs in a little box that I can usually wax off in about 10 minutes on my way home from work.


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