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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Less Sugar More Hype... B-B-B-Busted!

Remember my early blog, Less Sugar, More Hype? Well, now some lady in California is suing General Mills for intentionally misleading consumers about its products. (Maybe she was inspired by Iniard Watch?) Probably not, but they are seeking a class action status in California to represent anyone who bought the cereals thinking they were healthier. Read more about it here.

The iniards at General Mills are now saying that they never made any health claims about the reduced sugar cereals. They were only responding to consumers interests in providing cereals with less sugar. They are blowing so much smoke out of their ass they can not see straight! They knew it was just a marketing scheme to try to increase sales. Now we can watch the iniards squirm trying to get out of hot water with this. There are some new studies to confirm that they are not any healthier because of the lower sugar.


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