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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tide ColdWater Cleans Your Wallet Out (in Cold Water!)

Breaking news alert... Proctor and Gamble, out of concern for the escalating energy crisis, has developed a new laundry detergent for washing clothes in cold water. They claim that the energy to heat the water is the most expensive part of doing laundry and the average household will save $63 a year on utility bills.

I used their online calculator to determine that my households laundry habits would only save about $25 a year in utilities. What they do not figure into their calculation, however, is how much extra you will spend on their detergent.

If you go to the grocery store, the regular tide is the same price as the new cold wash tide for the same size box. However, for each load of the cold wash detergent, you need a bigger scoop, so the same size box does fewer loads. If you are already using tide (which is already about 15% more expensive than the next highest priced brand), then the additional cost of detergent over the course of a year is about $22.

Since I do not like to piss my money away on soap, I buy bulk laundry detergent at sams club. I get 96 loads worth for $10.78 (ALL free n clear). If I were to switch to the new Tide cold wash, so I could save $25 a year in my utilities, it would cost me an EXTRA $71 a year in detergent.

P&G is spending tons of money on advertising this breakthrough product, trying to get people hooked on it. What really chaps my ass about the whole thing is how they are trying to come out as the good guy for trying to solve the world's energy crisis. They have a campaign they call the coldwater challenge. They are trying to get a million people to sign up for the challenge to save energy. If a million people do the challenge, they will donate $100k to help low income families with their utility bills. How special.

If they get a million people like me to switch, they would be getting rich from selling detergent. They do not care about the energy consumers use, they are only after the money we spend on utilities, and then some. The $100k they pledge to donate is only about 0.2% of the extra money they will get out of people. INIARDS!!


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