Iniard Watch

Monday, May 16, 2005

Generation Pimp

It is prom season, and more and more I am seeing the guys dressing up in pimp suits. It used to be a thing for the wild and crazy group to get dressed up as pimps when they go out on the town, but I am starting to wonder if this is actually a fashion trend that is catching on? The mall in our area has a formal tux rental place that always has a pimp suit showcased, but it seems that people are actually wearing these!! Are they for real? Should I be shopping around for an orange and green striped tux jacket for my next formal occasion?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Wasting Time in Congress...

What the hell are our elected officials doing? There are many big issues that need to be resolved in this country right now (Social Security, Energy Bill, Immigration, etc) and it seems that many of our representatives in congress are dodging the difficult assignments and looking for easier media waves to ride for popularity. We heard all about the congress trying to do something about baseball players using steroids, consuming countless hours of our elected officials. Baseball is a game! Next we heard alot of debate about Terry Shiavo, which was a sad case for all sides, but not necessarily one that our elected officials should try to make an issue out of. Now congress is taking up the steroid debates for football players. Who cares?!! Get to work!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Ruby Tuesdays joins the "Axis of FAT"

Well, Ruby Tuesdays has officially joined the "Axis of FAT". They have decided that cutting back on french fry portion sizes and adding healthier menu items is bad for business. Since doing these things, their business has dropped off almost 10%. I was impressed last year during the peak of the low carb craze they put calories and fat grams on all of their menu items. Now they are going back to the old school ways with the introduction of the new ultimate collosal burger, with a pound of beef, 3 buns, and cheese. With fries and pop, you get 2200 calories and 141 grams of fat. Burger King, Hardees, and now Ruby Tuesdays are coming to the same conclusion: Unhealthy people have money too, and they are willing to spend it on big portions of fat laden food.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Put that cookie back....

I am all for healthy living, and teaching kids about healthy practices, but do we need take the cookies away from Cookie monster? Well, PBS (probably pursuaded by the FDA) has got Cookie on a diet. Instead of gobbling up platefuls of cookies at a time, he is now saying that cookies are a "sometimes" food, and that you should eat fruits and more nutritious foods most of the time. I do not think there are many fat and unhealthy people that blame their weight on the cookie monster. I grew up with cookie monster, and although I can wax off half a box of girl scout cookies in one sitting, I do not think that I was negatively influenced by sesame street. Let the kids have their cookie monster, at least he is not fighting and trying to kill all of the other characters. Maybe to help solve the homeless problem they should make Oscar get cleaned up and get a job instead of living on the street eating garbage.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Quit Hitting Me...

It is hard to watch commercials without seeing a networks promote their own shows as "new hit comedy" or "new hit drama". What is the qualification for the new, never before seen show to be labeled a "HIT". I think that maybe Seinfeld, Cheers, and the like would fall into the HIT category, but Stacked?? Life on a stick?? Usually when they stop labelling it as a "new hit show", it is on the verge of being pulled. Let the viewers decide over time what is a HIT. Don't try to pump your show up by calling it one. By the way, thanks for checking out my New HIT blogsite!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

"Bride-to-Be" Media Hype

Now that the missing bride to be has been found, is anyone else thinking that the whole thing is not much of a news story at all? A bride got cold feet before a wedding and took off. Is that important national news? I think this is a good example of how the media whores are not interested in keeping people informed of current events, but instead they are interested in getting people to watch mini soap operas that they create by pumping lots of hype and coverage into otherwise minor everyday events. They hope to get people hooked into one story after another to get their ratings up. This is fine for reality shows, but should it be labeled as news? If historical statistics hold true for last week, there were thousands of missing people reports filed with probably hundreds still missing. Where is the media coverage for everyone else?

Diet Coke.. Pick your poison!

Coca-Cola next month will be rolling out a new diet coke, this one called Coke Zero (think they are trying to undercut Pepsi One?) Apparantly they came up with yet another blend of chemical sweeteners to give a slightly different nasty aftertaste that they think will catch on to the young and hip crowd that are too cool for diet coke. Now we have diet coke, diet coke sweetened with splenda, diet vanilla coke, diet cherry coke, diet lemon coke, diet lime coke, c2 coke (the half diet, half regular bastard coke), and now coke zero. Did I forget any? Where will it end? How much is enough? Maybe they are taking notes from the colgate toothpaste company, which I counted 28 different varieties of toothpaste at the grocery store. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!