Iniard Watch

Monday, October 31, 2005

Adding Up the Plus Card Gas Savings

I have problems with the whole loyalty card programs that everyone seems to be having these days in the grocery world. I am astonished that so many people are clamoring to krogers to spend $100 so that they can save 10 cents a gallon on their next fill up. People I work with actually plan on going to the store on the last day of the month so they can reach the next $100 mark in grocery purchases. I am all for saving money on gas, but does the Kroger plus card campaign save money overall? I tend to think not. My own research puts krogers prices about 5-15% higher than other local grocery stores. So, for every $100 that you spend on groceries, so you save 10 cents a gallon on gas, you spend at least $5 bucks more than you would have at meijers, cub foods, or biggs. For reference, my car holds 14 gallons of gas, and I usually have room for 13 when I get gas. If I could save 10 cents a gallon, that is $1.30. I am not excited about spending an extra $5 per hundred to save $1.30 in gas. Why are so many other people?

Once Upon a Child

I have been known in the past to frequent the second stores looking for good bargains. It has been a while since I shopped a once upon a child store, but I was out of town for the night, and had some time to kill, so I ventured in looking for some bargains on kid’s clothing. It seems that some second hand greed has set in since my last visit to the store. Rack after rack was loaded with items marked at about 50% of the new retail value! This is ridiculous! If an item still had store tags on it, the price was about 75-80% of retail. Plain used children’s Place shirts for $6.. ragged out baby gap shirts for $6.50… do these people ever go to the retail stores to see what you can get brand new clothes off the clearance racks for? After a few minutes of browsing, and a few whiffs of the shoe section two aisles over, I decided to venture to the mall. At the childrens place, I bought 2 pair of pants for $7 each, and $5 shirt. At the gap store, I loaded up on 5 or 6 shirts marked down from $16 to $2.79 each!!! Sorry OUAC, I am a retail man now when it comes to kids clothes. I have seen the light.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Out of their Gourds!!

I have blogged previously about the exploitation of organic ingredients after seeing lip balm labeled 55% organic. All in all, I have mixed emotions about the whole organic thing, but during this Halloween season, I must again post an organic blog. At the grocery store, they are advertising organic GOURDS!! Decorate your porch with USDA certified organic gourds. How ridiculous is this? I realize that in some cultures people may actually eat gourds, but these were clearly marketed as ornamental fall items. Do people really jump for the Organic Label in non-edible products?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good News! The North Pole is MELTING!!

I read an interesting article in the New York Times about global warming. It takes an unusual look at the rarely heard of “good news” about global warming. Kind of makes you get excited about seeing the all the ice melt! Here are some of the highlights….

New shipping routes are being opened up as the ice melts resulting in quicker and cheaper ocean freight for imports and exports. With cheaper ocean freight, that 4-in-one omelet spatula at Walmart may be 72 cents instead of 78 cents!

New Oil reserves, once buried under glaciers are now easier to get to. We might need to start expanding the Alaskan Pipeline to make it easier to get this new oil to our refineries!

Desolate frozen areas, once thawed, will become hotbeds for development and “colonization” – Get the urban sprawl machine gassed up…were going north! With all the igloos melting, the Eskimos are in the market for entry level condos.

New exotic cruise ship lanes going to the seasonally warm north pole would boost the travel industry. Be the first to stay at the all inclusive North Pole resort, where you can swim with the polar bears!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Haunted "Goat" Rides

It has been a while since I have been a teenager and the big plans for the week during October were to go to the local haunted houses or hayrides on Friday night.  Ten years ago the going rate was two or three dollars.  I have been hearing advertisements for ten to fifteen dollars to do this now.  I am having a hard figuring out why it costs so much.  You pay teenagers to wear scary masks and scare people.  The minimum wage has not changed much over the past ten years, so what has?  I think it is GREED!!  Where do kid’s the money for this kind of stuff?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Inflatable Yard Junk

Well, the Christmas decoration companies have pulled it off. They have been working diligently trying to come up with something bigger and tackier than the huge inflatable snowmen that have become popular over the past few years. At Sam’s Club they now have an 8 foot diameter inflatable snow globe. THIS THING IS HUGE!! When will the obsession of yard inflatables pass? It is getting ridiculous!! Another thing I saw was the 8' singing santa which seems to be the upgrade of last years 5' singing santa.