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Monday, October 31, 2005

Once Upon a Child

I have been known in the past to frequent the second stores looking for good bargains. It has been a while since I shopped a once upon a child store, but I was out of town for the night, and had some time to kill, so I ventured in looking for some bargains on kid’s clothing. It seems that some second hand greed has set in since my last visit to the store. Rack after rack was loaded with items marked at about 50% of the new retail value! This is ridiculous! If an item still had store tags on it, the price was about 75-80% of retail. Plain used children’s Place shirts for $6.. ragged out baby gap shirts for $6.50… do these people ever go to the retail stores to see what you can get brand new clothes off the clearance racks for? After a few minutes of browsing, and a few whiffs of the shoe section two aisles over, I decided to venture to the mall. At the childrens place, I bought 2 pair of pants for $7 each, and $5 shirt. At the gap store, I loaded up on 5 or 6 shirts marked down from $16 to $2.79 each!!! Sorry OUAC, I am a retail man now when it comes to kids clothes. I have seen the light.


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