Iniard Watch

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sony BMG Keeping a Big Brother Eye on You...

Well, since my digital music revolution, I don’t see myself buying CD’s anymore, but because of the recent scheme by SONY BMG that blew up in their face, I will NEVER even buy their CD’s as gifts for anyone.. In an effort to keep track of people copying and sharing their music from CD’s, the iniards over at sony-bmg put secret computer programs on their CD’s that automatically install when inserted into a computer. This program keeps track of your playing and copying music files and connects to the sony servers to report the findings. This program is essentially a spyware/virus program that also opens the door for even more harmful hackers to access your computer. Although they have now recalled these CD’s after being exposed, they have yet to apologize for thinking they had the right to invade your privacy and opening up your personal computer for the outside world to invade. I am putting them on my personal boycott list, and I officially no longer feel bad for joining the BMG club under several different names to get more free cd’s back in the good ‘ol days.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hollywood is Selling Out…

Well, I have been noticing many more product placements in tv shows and movies lately, where companies like pepsi and coke pay big bucks to have the on screen actors taking a swig of their product, and other companies pay to have their products used or visibly in the background. While watching medium the other night, on NBC, I began to think that we are about to be bombarded with this type of advertising. Not only was there a product placement, but basically the script of the show was written to promote the Memoirs of a Geisha movie. The main characters talk about going to see that movie, there is a scene at the movie theater where they talk with other characters about how good the movie was, and throughout the episode the little girl character keeps asking her mom out of the blue how to spell “Geisha”. I am not surprised that the network whores would sell out for few extra bucks, but I am surprised that the artsy writers’ guild union script writers would sacrifice their art of script writing so that the networks can make a few extra bucks by turning the shows into commercials.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Happy Halthanksmas!!!

Let me be the first to say… Happy Halthanksmas!! No, this is not my botching of a Jewish Holiday, this is the name I give to the festive time of year created by retailers that spans from Later summer until after the New Year. The time of year where you can one stop shop at walmart and get Halloween costumes, Christmas trees, and inflatable animated turkeys. What used to be separate holidays is merging into one big season of excuses to spend money on decorating your home. We do decorate around our house somewhat, but things are starting to get carried away. Two houses in my neighborhood started with the Christmas light display the day after Halloween. Many of the traditional Christmas type decorations are now being used by other Holidays. I have seen Halloween Icicle lights, Inflatable Halloween-Jack-o-Lantern Snow men, Halloween trees with lights and ornaments. The only thing I have not seen yet, is orange, purple, green, red and white lights that you can use for the entire Halthanksmas Season!! (of course the retailers want you to keep buying things separately!!)