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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sony BMG Keeping a Big Brother Eye on You...

Well, since my digital music revolution, I don’t see myself buying CD’s anymore, but because of the recent scheme by SONY BMG that blew up in their face, I will NEVER even buy their CD’s as gifts for anyone.. In an effort to keep track of people copying and sharing their music from CD’s, the iniards over at sony-bmg put secret computer programs on their CD’s that automatically install when inserted into a computer. This program keeps track of your playing and copying music files and connects to the sony servers to report the findings. This program is essentially a spyware/virus program that also opens the door for even more harmful hackers to access your computer. Although they have now recalled these CD’s after being exposed, they have yet to apologize for thinking they had the right to invade your privacy and opening up your personal computer for the outside world to invade. I am putting them on my personal boycott list, and I officially no longer feel bad for joining the BMG club under several different names to get more free cd’s back in the good ‘ol days.


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