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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Designed for Christmas… .Black and Decker Auto Tape Measure $25

Let’s see… I need a gift for a guy, and my budget is about $25. Well, look here…. It’s perfect for any do-it-yourselfer or handy man… NOT!!! I have a few “Designed for Christmas” blogs in the queue, and I am starting to think that Black n Decker may be the industry leader in creating products that look to be good gift ideas, but are otherwise useless pieces of crap. I had the opportunity to take one of these babies for a spin and I am not impressed.

First of all, it is very big and heavy. They advertise that the main benefit is that you only need one had to hold it, but if you are holding it for any length of time, you might want to have your spare arm on standby. For as big as it is, you would think that it would be a 50 footer, but actually it is only a 25 footer.

Second of all, the actual tape is very flimsy. I tried to measure across the edge of a 6’ display table and it was curving all over the place. Usually if it is a 2 handed measuring job, you are measuring something of distance, which with this, you would still need to use 2 hands: one to support the bulky mothership, and another to support the flimsy tape.

The speed of thing was not too fast either. A simple 2 handed measuring job that takes 10 seconds would likely end up taking more than twice that with the one-hand job. (Did I just say Hand Job?)

So the bottom line is that although the shear gadgetry of it may provide a few moments of entertainment if you were bored sitting on an 8 hour greyhound bus ride from Cincinnati Ohio to Lafayette Indiana, I would not reach for it if I was trying to gather up my tools for a household project. It would not even be used enough to keep the batteries from being harvested out of it the next time your kid’s dancing Elmo starts to slow down.


  • I must agree This tape looks very cheap.I use tape measures for a living and for that price get him a fat max by stanly.Extra wide with a standout of over 12 ft one handed!lifetime warranty,cant go wrong

    By Anonymous, at 5:06 PM  

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