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Monday, December 05, 2005

Designed for Christmas... Febreze Scentstories

Every Christmas shopping season you see some cheesy gifts that are basically designed and marketed to be gifts for some one else. You usually see these items hit the stores big time just before the shopping season. These items are not usually items you would consider buying for yourself, but when they are at the store, seem a little “different or neat”, and are priced at your budget gift amount for someone, they sure do seem like a good idea for someone else. They seem to be priced at $25, $35, $45, etc, which I think many people use as a budget amount for gifts. A couple of years ago, it was the foreman grill, then it was the gizmo cordless cheese grater, last year I think it was the singing santa’s, and this year I have picked up on the Febreze Scentstories disc player scent machine.

This thing looks like a cross between a cd player and a diaper wipe warmer, and has a fan that blows air over a special multi scent disc that rotates in the unit to change the smell every so often. You can also fast forward to the next smell if you get tired of smelling the same thing before 30 minutes is up. The smell is not any different than the glade plug-ins, or a scented candle. This thing, however, is huge, makes noise, and needs to be plugged into the wall. Not to mention the replacement discs costs $15 bucks each for about 50 hours of smell. That works out to be 30 cents an hour to use the thing after the initial investment of $50! Here is Mr. Rythym's good advice… if something in your house stinks, find it and get rid of it. If you want your kitchen to smell like fresh baked cookies, bake some cookies!! It will be cheaper than using this thing, and you can eat the cookies. If you want your house to smell like spiced cider, get some cider and let it simmer on the stove all day!! It will be cheaper, and you get to drink the cider too. I kind of have to wonder why this product even made it to the shelves, and then I remember… It’s Christmas time… and it would be oh so nice to scratch one more person off your list.. and hey, look, its just the right price... Happy Halthanksmas!


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