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Friday, December 09, 2005

Laziness Sells... Swiffer Carpet Flick

There is a big hungry industry out there trying to sell people the vision of effortless cleaning. They have these commercials where cutsie little stepford housewives are maintaining an already clean house, and are using some stupid gadget to clean up a mess that someone may have just made. It looks soooo easy. Life would be great if everything were so effortless. Unfortunately, it is not. If you want to spend money to achieve effortless cleaning, hire someone to clean for you. Don’t waste your money on something like the swiffer carpet flicker. It is intended for use “in between regular sweepings”, and works just like the carpet vacuum that came with my 3 year old daughters “pretend” cleaning toy set from Walmart. The toy actually has a rotating brush that flicks stuff into the sweeper and can pick up most things the swiffer claims to be capable of. The swiffer is a bit different because it uses a removable mouse glue trap type of thing to catch the stuff. My daughters toy just keep the stuff around the brush and up in to the housing of the toy and after it starts to grow a beard, it doesn’t really pick up anymore. Maybe that is why the swiffer costs $14, and the toy costs about $4, despite probably being made in the same Chinese factory. Anyway, when you are done swiffing, you simply throw away the glue trap (which costs about 40 cents each), and then you can relax knowing that your carpet is sort of cleaner than it was, and you no longer have to sit there wondering how you are going to clean up those colorful little beads and cheerios.

Many say I am a super husband (others say I’m hen-pecked), but I do my share of the cleaning around the house except for dusting, and bathrooms (because I am not genetically capable of doing that correctly). However, I know that the hardest part about cleaning is getting to the point where you are ready to run the sweeper. You have to pick up the shoes, toys, books, laundry, coats, mail, crayons, etc, wipe of the tables (onto the floor of course), and then maybe you are ready to sweep if your kids haven’t already made new mess somewhere else. If I am going to go through all that, why would I want to top it off with a half ass floor sweeping? In between vacuums? If it needs swept, sweep it!!

Also, if you have a bagless sweeper with a collection pot that needs emptied, you already know that most of what gets swept up is stuff that you don’t even see laying on the carpet. It does not take much to vacuuming to come with enough dust, lint, and hair to stuff a regular size bear at the build-a-bear shop at the mall. Only a small portion of what gets vacuumed would make into the swiffer glue trap machine. Right after it mentions on the box that it is meant for “in-between sweepings”, it says it is good for dirt, grass clippings, mulch, kitty litter, small stones. Here is Mr Rythym’s good advice….. if you look around your house and see dirt, mulch, grass clippings and kitty litter on the floor, you are due for a cleaning, not an in-between cleaning, and especially not a half-ass-in-between cleaning.


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  • This swiffer thing is a P.O.S.!!!

    bought it cause I thought it would help with cleaning up after 3 boys ages 6 and under... HA! It's HORRIBLE... DO NOT BUY IT!


    By Blogger Killired, at 8:53 PM  

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