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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Designed for Gifting… Black n Decker Power Scissors $30

Since Christmas is over, I have decided to convert my “Designed for Christmas” series into “Designed for Gifting”, since the retailers and manufacturers of these items like your gift budget money anytime of the year, whether it be for Christmas, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, or any gift giving occasion.

The Black n Decker Power Scissors seem to be a good gift idea, because let’s face it… not too many people already have one, and everyone needs scissors. Plus, the price is just right for gift budgets… $30.

I look at this item and see a very limited use tool. I am sure it will make cutting some things easier, but is it worth it to have a $30 pair of scissors for cutting just some things? In the commercial they show some flooring contractor cutting carpet padding with it. Isn’t it just easier to use the razor cutter you already have out for cutting the carpet? Plus, if you are doing a big project, and cutting through heavy material, like flooring material, I am sure the battery life will drain pretty quickly, just like my black and decker cordless drill.

The ads also like to show the people cutting fabric. Despite my cutting edge blog, I am not a ginsu cutting expert, although we all have dreams about being the ginsu chef in the commercial cutting through pop cans and tomatoes like there is no tomorrow. Anyway, my experience with fabric is long blades result in smoother cuts. I think you would have to be careful with such a short blade to not end up with a jagged cut line. Not to mention, my wife has a simple rotary cutter and cutting mat that makes quick work of cutting through fabric, and it doesn’t even require batteries.

The other thing about this item that I do not like, is that around my house, the two things you can never find are the scissors and battery chargers. I would be afraid that if this item were in my house, one of the two components would always be MIA, probably snatched up by the elves that come in at night and hide the remote controls, kids socks, Tupperware lids, and my spare Honda keys.

Once again, black and decker comes up with a novel idea that looks good on paper, and probably looks good on their sales reports, but fails to live up to the vision created in their ads. And because most are purchased as gifts, they do not get many complaints since the people using it (if they do even use it) got it for free anyway. My advice is just to get a decent set of manual scissors that you can use for anything.


  • this has got to be the most retarded thing i have ever seen invented! i too cannot see how this is worthy... ok MAYBE if it would have been marketed before chrismtas for all that wrapping paper... they really should advertise it in santa's hands using it for the MANY presents he has to wrap! think that would make it sell? hahahahah...
    LOVE your reference to your cutting edge blog!!!!! I added you to my links by the way.. didya notice?

    By Blogger Killired, at 9:09 PM  

  • ok, I guess if you are arthritic and have a lot of presents to wrap maybe you would use this, but I still think it would require a special kind of person. Thanks for the link... I'll return the favor once I figure out how. Last time I fooled with anything like that I ended up with this bunny in a bottle picture.

    By Blogger Jude, at 9:56 AM  

  • o yea, a santa with arthritis... that's it.. that's how i'd market it... so how long do you think this item will be on the market? not long i bet.. it's just stupid...

    By Blogger Killired, at 11:43 PM  

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