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Friday, January 20, 2006

Designed for Laziness…. Clorox Toilet Wand

The makers of the Clorox Toilet Wand understand one thing pretty good… nobody likes cleaning the toilet. They also know something else pretty good…. People will pay money to think they are getting out of some nasty work, like cleaning a toilet. I believe that this concept was their inspiration behind the toilet wand.

Magic Toilet Wand.. $10

They make it look very easy on the commercial. Everything gets so clean, so easy. The brush head is disposable so there is no nastiness. Just pure clean fun!! They even named it a “wand” because most people associate that word with magic. And hey, if you can clean your toilet without it being a nasty job, then it must be magic. And who wouldn’t pay $10 for a magic wand that cleaned toilets. Well, if it was a magic toilet cleaning wand, and you circle it over your toilet while mumbling some chant in Latin to get your stains to disappear, it may be worth the $10 you pay for the starter kit. Unfortunately, it is not magic, and cleaning a toilet is still a nasty job. There are a few “shitty” things you learn in life that can not be changed, sort of like laws of nature:

1. Bears actually do shit in the woods.
2. You can’t polish a terd.
3. Cleaning toilets is a nasty job.

Now, the truth… The disposable foam brush comes preloaded with some Clorox cleaner and also some blue dye, because the nice cool blue color makes you feel like you are getting some instant results. (I think it would be a separate blog to discuss why a bleaching product to get stains off of a white surface would need to have blue dye added to it.) At any rate, the foam brush may be good for those “in between” cleanings, but for a more robust cleaning effort, on a bimonthly or monthly basis, you are going to need some hard bristles. The foam sponge don’t cut it.

In addition to making it look easy to do the hard cleaning, they also dwell on the fact that you do not have to keep the nasty toilet brush around, since the foam sponge brush heads are disposable. What they fail to mention is that you still have the magic wand, that was submerged in the same nasty toilet water as the disposable foam sponge. You still have a toilet-water-contaminated-thing you have to store. For this they include in the starter kit a wand hanger that lets you hang the nasty thing right on the side of your toilet. As if I would!!! Hang it there on the side of the toilet dripping toilet water on the floor and next thing you know your kids are using to swirl the toilet water around because they see you “playing” in the water with it, but I digress…

Besides the fact that this doesn’t really work that good, it is expensive as hell!! The amount of cleaner that is preloaded into the sponges are about the right amount for 1 toilet bowl. I live in a 3 toilet house, so to do our cleaning with these would require 3 of them, at about 50 cents a pop. $1.50 to clean 3 toilets, and I still have a toilet water contaminated wand and had to put more effort to clean them with a sponge instead of a brush. This adds up to over $80 a year for disposable toilet sponges.

Replacement sponges.. $0.50 each

Mr. Rhythm’s good advice is that for about half the price, you could get a 78 cent “non disposable” toilet brush at walmart, use it once to clean your 3 toilets, and then throw it away! You could have a stash of clean new brushes in your closet, and just plan on pitching them after each use. You could also feel good knowing that you are supporting an entire family in China with your extravagant use of Walmart Toilet brushes.

What we do in our house, is leave the brush hanging over the bowl between the seat and the rim overnight. The next morning, the brush is at least dry, so you can put it in an old plastic grocery bag, stick in the closet and forget about it. We’ve been doing it like that for the past 10 years, so the way I figure, we have saved about $1000 so far by not resorting to magic and hype for help cleaning our toilets!!

O.K, I think I should stop ranting before I set some kind of record for the longest blog about cleaning toilets….


  • omg... this is why i love your blog... however i was suckered into buying this shit a while back... i have the comet brand one.. whcih has been discontinued... but i bought them really cheap!

    as far as your idea of buying cheap brushes to use and dispose of... why the hell didn't i think of that?

    and as far as this statement "I think it would be a separate blog to discuss why a bleaching product to get stains off of a white surface would need to have blue dye added to it" i'd like to read that... so when will you have it done? hahahaha...

    actually hubby and i have 'resorted' to pouring straight bleach in the toilet and letting it sit for a while then flushing it later... also do this in the shower... bought the $.79 spray bottle, labeled it 100% bleach and spray down the shower then escape from the upstairs for a while so as not to die from bleach fume inhalation... then go up later and spray it down with cold water... not hot cause of the steam... dont want bleach steam in my face!!!!

    anyway... thanks for the review... ever thought of working for Consumer Reports?

    By Blogger Killired, at 12:34 PM  

  • muwahahahaha! fabulous. we use a regular brush, a BIG set of bright GREEN rubber gloves and a sponge, all stored in a scary tupperware tub under the bathroom sink which has baby locks so that the small fry doesnt decide to "play in the water" or heaven forbid, chew on the brush. i havent bought into the hype, but i would pay much much more than 10 bucks for a magic toidy cleaning wand that works!

    greetings from michele

    By Blogger Dak-Ind, at 3:20 AM  

  • can't...stop...laughing.


    help hurts!

    Here via Michele.

    By Blogger Joe, at 9:11 AM  

  • I've gotten so used to the regular brush and this magic wand sounds interesting. Thanks for the info.

    Michelle sent me.

    By Blogger Viamarie, at 9:11 AM  

  • hahaha!!! never gave much thought about our toilet cleaning paraphernalia before. now i believe i must...:)

    michele sent me.

    By Blogger ribbiticus, at 9:12 AM  

  • Congratulations, You just earned yourself a link on my blog.

    There's nothing that makes me gag more than cleaning the throne... Particularly when it's decorated with O.P.S.S. Goddamned in-laws with bad aim....

    By Blogger Prego, at 10:48 AM  

  • heh heh quite funny

    thanks for visiting my blog.


    By Blogger Shane, at 6:51 PM  

  • Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog...The Clorax people, along with everyone else trying to sell you something remind me of the people who used to go around selling Snake Oil!

    By Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills, at 4:25 AM  

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