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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gillette M3 Power - The $20,000 shave?

How much would you pay for the closest shave? Is having the “closest” shave worth $20,000?

One of my great milestones of year 2005, was that I broke my addiction to the expensive disposable razors and went to the cheapo disposables. I was buying the Gillette sensor blades, and when considering upgrading to the Gillette mach 3 turbo, I decided that I was sick of dropping $20 on razor blades refills.

I started using Gillette custom plus razors, which I bought at sam’s club for $14.82 per 40 pack. After a week or two adjusting to the much lighter handle, the shave I was getting did not seem to be any better or worse than with the expensive blades.

I figure that I get about 8 shaves per razor, whether it be expensive or cheap. If I shave 5 times a week, for the next 40 years, with the cheap razors, and put the money I save in the bank, I will have over $20,000 saved up. This is a great deal of money!!

This comparison is based on M3Power blades at $22.49/8 pack vs. Gillette Custom Plus at $14.82/40 pack and 8% interest earned on savings. Do the math for what you use. I know that some disposable razors are about half the price of the Gillette custom plus, but I am taking baby steps here.

Companies like Gillette and Schick have been having a “my dick is bigger” contest for as long as I can remember. Each time they come out with a new and improved razor design, the price per shave goes up. A little bit each time, with occasional big jumps for additional blades and exciting new words like TURBO, MAX, ULTRA, and MACH.

If you have a new years resolution to save more for retirement, and stop wasting so much of your paycheck, here is a good way to start…. Ditch the expensive razors, and add $20,000 to your future wealth.


  • I find it interesting your blogging about the expensive razors, yet are advertising for the same thing. I guess you got to pay the bills somehow!

    By Blogger Ron Schneider, at 3:00 AM  

  • Love the post! -- Exactly. - former M3 user -- damn, those blades are expensive -- although they last a long time -- as I - working from home - have the benefit of not shaving every morning -- so my usage is cut down. - My dad taught me how to use a straight razor - yup - I keep it sharp and have used it from time to time when fresh out of a hot shower -- now thats a close shave --

    $20,000 eh? -- gee in 40 years you might be able to get a starbucks grande for that

    By Blogger Bearfort Lodge, at 12:07 AM  

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