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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Perhaps to answer the demands of my blogging brother over at Electric Short, XM Radio has announced that it will start selling an XM Passport satellite radio receiver that costs about $30. Previously, you had to spend several hundred dollars to get a small portable receiver, like the Pioneer Airware receiver. I never could figure out why they cost so much other than they had people willing to pay it. From what I understand, this new device will be like a memory card that will hook into some devices made to accommodate them, but can also be plugged into an adapter that would work with your home or car stereo.

I guess we will see how well they work once they are out there, but it is good to see that to use the service you no longer need to spend a couple hundred dollars on a radio. Now, what can we do about the $12.95 a month usage charge???

I like several of the XM radio stations that are piped in through my Direct TV satellite service, but I have a hard time justifying paying $12.95 a month more to have it separate from my home.


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